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Turn your city into a can’t-miss destination with sweet visual content tailored for travelers. With an infographic map pack, you can show off all your city has to offer while making a lasting impression with visitors through custom-designed, on-brand visual content to help them find their way.

Why use custom visuals for your city?

Create a memorable experience

Make an impression with visitors using wow-worthy visuals that double as keepsakes for their scrapbook or social media.

Highlight top destinations

Inspire travelers to explore every corner of the city, from hotspots to hidden gems.

Deepen visitor engagement

Engage travelers with both digital and print media before, during, and after their visit.

Elevate your city’s brand

Make your city stand out with an elevated visual identity and custom content.

Share high-quality print materials

Get beautiful, branded collateral you can share with tourists and send to prospective visitors.

Showcase your local charm

Bring your city’s character to life with fun, unique visuals.

Made by the world’s best infographic designers

Hey there! We’re Lemonly, home of the world’s best infographics. Along with being big fans of adventure (it’s one of our core values), helping tourism brands tell their stories through custom visual content is one of our specialties.

Lemonly has created 5,000+ infographics, animated videos, maps, and more sweet visuals for 500+ clients from every industry — including awesome tourism brands like yours. We’ve designed maps and other travel content for 300+ destinations all over the world. Our team of top-notch designers and content pros would love to work with you!

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Your infographic map pack

Take a look at what’s included in your infographic map pack. We’ve hand-picked a bundle of cornerstone content pieces and multi-purpose assets you can leverage for your city’s visual identity.

Digital map

A custom illustrated map of your city featuring 10–12 locations, beautiful illustrations, and an easy-to-understand layout, all matching your brand. 

Whether it's a general tour of top destinations or a bespoke guide to your city’s best outdoor attractions, food trucks, or anything else you’re known for, your map is the core piece of content that will inspire visitors to explore what your city has to offer. Your digital map can include links to each attraction on Google Maps for easy-access directions.

Print-ready map

Your digital map in a print-ready layout, featuring a QR code linked to your custom landing page for easy access to more location info (see below).

Local map landing page

A central place for visitors to access your digital map and get more information about your city’s destinations, all designed matching your map. Your landing page features a Google Maps embed with pinned locations so visitors can easily access directions, hours, and other info for the attractions featured on your map. Plus, visitors can easily sign up for your email newsletter right from the landing page.

Mural-sized vector illustration

Make a statement with a super-sized mural of your city in your lobby, event space, or gathering area. Your mural-sized illustration features key attractions from your map, ready to print as a poster or larger-than-life wall art.

Print-ready postcard

Ready-to-print postcards you can offer as swag for visitors to save as a souvenir or send to someone special. Nothing says “wish you were here” like custom visuals representing your city’s unique identity.

Animated social media graphics

Lightweight motion graphics (set of 5) featuring locations from your map, perfect for sharing on social media. You’ll grab attention with a bit of animation and can share more info about the best local spots with your followers, all with polished, on-brand visuals.

Sticker pack

Ready-to-print die cut stickers (set of 5) featuring five illustrations from your map. Guaranteed to make your water bottle or laptop look 100% cooler.

Total investment $10K


Want even more sweet visual content to show off your city? We’ve got extras you can add a-la-carte to your infographic map pack.

Animated sticker pack

Animated GIF stickers (set of 5) featuring illustrations from your map that you can use on social media, Slack, or email.

Animated microcontent

Share a quick, memorable message with an animated graphic (15 sec), great for grabbing attention on social media.

Map details 1-pager

Add to your map with a companion 1-pager sharing more info and details explorers should know before they go.

SEO-rich blog post

Share more context about key attractions and bonus tips for travelers in an SEO-rich blog post featuring images from your map.

Tri-fold brochure

Turn your map into a foldable handout with more info, great for visitor information displays or swag bundles.

Have something else in mind?

Let’s talk about other visual content for your city, from infographics to animated videos to interactive microsites.

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